Serge Ananou (Benin/ Germany)

Serge Ananou was born in Benin in 1978 and grew up in a popular quarter of Cotonou, surrounded by the rhythms and culture of Voodoo. At the age of 13 he started to play music – first as a percussionist, but soon discovered his love for the guitar. Being an autodidact and a passionate musician, he quickly extended his musical environment and the number of concerts in West Africa. In 2002 he toured Europe – Suisse, France, Italy – with the group “Fifawa Band” for the first time. In 2006 Serge Ananou moved to France and studied for one year at CFPM PAris and three years at the renowned “American School of Modern Music”. At the same time he extended his network with other musicians in France and started to play with different African artists such as Tita Nzebi (Gabon), Solia Grace (Kenya), Richard Flash (Benin) Smarty (Burkina Faso). Since 2015 he has started to do his own concerts in France, and also in Germany. His music is based on his own compositions and words which deal with topics such as the protection of albinos and women’s rights in Africa, but also with love and life in general. His music is characterised by a mixture of rhythms and west african chants, influenced by jazz, blues and pop music. On stage, you can experience Serge Ananou and his music either as a soloist with his guitar or together with his band.