Wendy Bashi (Democratic Republic of Congo/ Belgium) (CD/ BE)

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Wendy Bashi holds a degree in Information and Communication from Université de Liège in Belgium and a certificate in Making TV News from Thomson Reuters. She works as journalist in the French language department of Deutsche Welle.

After a training in the Swahili Language Department with The Voice of America in Washington DC, she started working as a television anchor for TV5Monde, a position she held from 2009 to 2017). She has produced several documentaries that have been selected to screen atfilm festivals around the world.
Wendy Bashi also works as a freelance journalist for newspapers in Belgium, France and Germany.

Wendy Bashi (Democratic Republic of Congo/ Belgium) at CROSSING BORDERS

Panel: Multilingualism & Diversity in Media - 07.11.2019