Reading: Two readings with Internationally Committed Authors

When: 07.11.2019 19.00 Uhr

Where: Literaturhaus Köln

Reading and conversation with Sarah Ladipo Manyika, presented by Olumide Popoola

With her novel “Like a mule bringing ice cream to the sun” * (Wie ein Maultier, das der Sonne Eis bringt”, Hanser 2019), Sarah Ladipo Manyika gave testimony to her extraordinary talents. In 2016, her novel was shortlisted for the Goldsmith Prize and highly appreciated by colleagues like Aminatta Forna, Jamal Mahjub, Bernadine Evaristo. E.C. Osundu wrote: “unforgettable … a powerful meditation on loss, memory, exile and loneliness. The characters in this novel will stay with you.”. She deliberately opted for a Nigerian publisher, Cassava Republic Press, in order to confront the imbalance of power whereby Western publishing houses continue to hold a monopoly on the work of African authors. As a globetrotter with very different life-stations and through her essays, academic articles and short stories, she has become an expert in “cultural translation”.

*The title is a line from a poem by Mary Ruefle “Donkey On”.

Reading and conversation with Boubacar Boris Diop, presented by Carine Debrabandère

With his large oeuvre of literary, dramatic and journalistic publications, Boubacar Boris Diop belongs to the classical exponents of Francophone African literature. His novel “Murambi, le livre des ossements”, Editions Stock, Paris 2012 (”Murambi, das Buch der Gebeine”, Edition Hamouda 2010), won international acclaim. At the International Book Fair in Harare in 2000, his novel was listed amongst the 100 most important books written by African authors. He was one of ten writers who visited Rwanda on the initiative of the journalists Nocky Djendanou and Maimouna Coulibaly: Ecrire par devoir de memoire, in order to write on the 1994 genocide. This Pan-African initiative subsequently led to heavy controversies about legitimacy, possibilities and the limits of artistic treatment of topics such as genocide. For quite some time, Boubacar Boris Diop wanted to write in his mother tongue Wolof, but to do so, he needed the shock of the genocide in Rwanda and the complicity of France in it. The outcome was “Doomi Golo” written in Wolof and published in Dakar in 2006.

In both readings the actress Dela Dabulamanzi reads the German texts.

Mit/ with/ avec:
• Sarah Ladipo-Manyika (NG/ US) Buch: “Wie ein Maultier das der Sonne Eis bringt“/ „Like a mule bringing ice cream to the sun“, 2019 Verlag: Hansa Berlin

Moderation: Oulomide Popoola (NG/ DE/ UK)

• Boubacar Boris Diop (SN) Buch: „Murambi: Das Buch der Gebeine“/ „Murambi: The book of Bones“ / Murambi: Murambi, Le livre des Ossements”, 2010 Edition Hamouda

Moderation: Carine Debrabandère (FR/ DE)
Vorleserin: Dela Dabulamanzi (DE)

The reading will be in english and german. the discssion will be in english.
Jutta Himmelreich translates English <->German
Azizè Flittner translates whispering English <-> French

Visitors* who need whispered interpreting, please let us know on admission.

Entry: 12/8Euro