Workshop: Multilingualism as a Concept in Educational Systems

When: 07.11.2019 11-13Uhr

Where: VHS Studienhaus

According to relevant studies, children who master their mother tongue show better results in their intellectual development. Children who in their first years at school are taught in their mother tongue have better reading and writing capacities. Learning foreign languages at the appropriate age enhances their cerebral development. Children with solid basic knowledge of their mother tongue are better at learning foreign languages. Until now, African children are mainly taught in the language of the former colonial masters in their first years at school. Their mother tongue is considered as less important. Language is an important element of identity and facilitates communication with the outside world. To what extent do we take this into consideration when we deal with immigrants? How can we use multilingualism and equality of opportunities in our educational systems to enhance our aim of educating self-conscious, mature and open-minded citizens? How can we initiate change?

The workshop will be held in english.
Jutta Himmelreich translates English <-> German

Visitors* who need whispered interpreting, please let us know on admission

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